On this website you will find beautifully handcrafted Chain Maille Jewelry.

Each link skillfully connected in order to build a perfect piece of jewelry.

All pieces are crafted from .925 Sterling silver, Pure Copper, or Niobium. Anodized Niobium is non-allergenic and comes in a rainbow of colors.

Weaves included are Byzantine, European 4-in-1, Japanese 12-in-2, Hodo, Stepping Stones, Butterfly and several more.


Chainmail was the earliest form of metal armour and was probably invented before the 5th century by the ancient Celts. The name maille comes from the French word "maille" which is derived from the Latin "macula" meaning "mesh of a net".

The armour itself involved the linking of iron or steel rings, the ends of which were either pressed together and riveted.
The most common form of chainmail is the "four-in-one" pattern in which each link has four others linked through it.